Case Study:
Atlantic Cape College

Atlantic Cape College reached out to Dave Holak Design to develop an Enrollment Marketing Campaign. As the concept was developed, it quickly became apparent this creative could expand beyond a single Marketing Strategy, and could be applied as an overall Brand Identity. Developed to have an integrated branding relationship between the concept the college, through the use of a red cape, the creative capitalizes on the super hero concept and communicates a message of confidence and excellence. The development of the headline “See Where Atlantic Cape Can Take You.” connects the conceptual cape to the physical college and creates an open-ended statement for the reader to engage while promoting their path toward achievement and success. This campaign is used throughout Atlantic and Cape May Counties in multiple mediums, including Outdoor, Print and Online. In addition, the creative concept has also been applied to radio as well as on campus, where staff are adorned in red capes welcoming new students and guiding them through the college experience. The custom photography for this campaign was shot by Philadelphia photographer, Scott Nibauer.

Atlantic Cape Community College Enrollment Campaign

ACCC Chef Billboard

ACCC Drone Outdoor

ACCC Chef Bus Shelter

ACCC Drone Newspaper

ACCC Business & Chef Retail Signage

ACCC Women In Business Ad

Atlantic Cape Snapchat Filter


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